With ever increasing needs from business users for more information, Elixir Ad Hoc is the Business Intelligence solution that provides end-users access to critical business information, without the need for IT intervention.  Featuring an intuitive user interface, business reports and pivot tables can be instantly designed, viewed online, and generated into soft copy output, all within a web browser without any additional software installation.

As a easy-to-deploy plug-in to Elixir Repertoire Server, Elixir Ad Hoc makes self-serviced Business Intelligence a straightforward and cost effective solution for both existing Repertoire customers as well as customers new to Elixir. End-users can gain access to high volume, complex multi-dimensional data manipulation through Elixir's built-in OLAP Server, supporting any SQL-based database, to allow an existing database to be immediately accessible. Coupled with its REST interface for easy integration with web services mash-ups, Elixir Ad Hoc presents a simplified yet powerful solution, addressing both stand alone and embedded use, to empower end-users with self-serviced Business Intelligence.

What's Inside Ad Hoc

  • Deliver Ad Hoc Reporting and Data Analysis over web browsers with built-in OLAP Server.
  • Create reports with charts, filters, grouping criteria with selectable pre-defined themes and layout options.
  • Analyze data in existing datasets with database-independent OLAP Server on any SQL-based databases.
  • Design, view online, and generate reports over the web with options to save as predefined templates.
  • Export to output options including PDF, HTML, Excel (XLSX) to send to browser, email or user repository

  • To find out more about Elixir Ad Hoc, you may download our brochure here.

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    System Requirements

    Find out if your system is able to run Elixir Repertoire software.

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    If you already own Repertoire and/or Repertoire Server, and is interested in finding out more about our latest Ad Hoc plugin, kindly drop us an email at sales@elixirtech.com


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