Information Dashboard for Data Navigation, Analysis, and Visualization

  • Develop and deploy Information Dashboard for effective performance management
  • Navigate contents with Table, Cube, Chart and Report Views laid out on Cards
  • Analyze with dynamic Cube with user-definable dimensions and measures
  • Extract and present information with professionally designed reports
Develop and Deploy Information Dashboard for Effective Performance Management
  • Easy and rapid development of dashboards for Enterprise Performance Management

  • Empower executives and managers with critical information for performance monitoring and decision support
  • Enable enterprise agility by empowering information workers with user definable dashboard

Performance Management Dashboard
Navigate Contents with Table, Cube, Chart and Report Views laid out on Card
  • Organize contents with visual layout of table, cube, chart, and report views to form cards
  • Link views with filter conditions to drill through databases, text files, spreadsheets, and application data
  • Attach actions to card for navigation and publish to the web with "Just Works™" deployment

Attach Actions to Show Cards
Analyze with Dynamic Cube with User Definable Dimensions and Measures
  • Drag-and-drop to create multi-dimensional cube view with hierarchies, dimensions, measures and filters
  • User definable conditional highlighting with color and icon for unlimited number of condition sets
  • Extensibility for incorporating external custom functions in cube measure

Interactive Cube with
Conditional Highlighting
Extract and Present Information with Professionally Generated Reports
  • Dynamic data extraction and report generation based of content selection
  • Generate reports to multiple output formats including PDF, CSV, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel
  • Automate auto-refresh of contents based on a preset update period

Self-Service Data and
Report Generation


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