As data volume continues to grow exponentially, the demand for data in various personalized views and formats has also been growing in tandem.

Enterprises today need a powerful yet flexible data access solution to extract, aggregate, transform and load across multiple disparate data sources from databases, applications, as well as office documents. With data increasing in volume and diversity, the data access bottleneck can be eliminated with a powerful yet easy-to-use data management facility.

Elixir Data ETL is designed to provide on-demand, self-serviced data manipulation for business users as well as for enterprise level data processing needs. Its visual-modeling paradigm drastically reduces the time required to design, test and implement data extraction, aggregation and transformation - a critical process for any application processing, enterprise reporting and performance measurement, data mart or data warehousing initiatives. Ready for web-based deployment, Elixir Data ETL allows business users to quickly obtain the critical information for their business decisions and operational needs, freeing up the IT group to focus on enterprise level IT issues - the way it should have always been.


  • Flexible visual diagramming to specify, test and execute data processing logic

  • Powerful built-in comprehensive data operations with JavaScript support for custom functions

  • Versatile data delivery options for real-time feed, loading to external storage and in-memory cache


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