Extraction-Transformation-Loading (ETL) and Data Aggregation, Cube and Cleansing

  • Increase productivity with minimal learning curve where no programming or SQL is required
  • Flexibility visual modeling interface for creating and editing data processing steps
  • Powerful built-in data operations with JavaScript and support for custom functions
  • Eliminate data errors and increase effficiency by automating with time, data and logic activation
Extract Multiple Data Sources from Databases, Text, Excel, XML, LDAP and Object

Relational DataSources

  • JDBC/ODBC for databases including Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Access, with Query Builder to graphically construct SQL statement with support for SQL variants
  • Security option for Read-Only, Hide Details, and Encryption

Non- Relational DataSources

  • Direct Excel retrieval supporting multi-sheets range and named range
  • Multi-lingual encoded Text for CSV, Fixed Width, or RegEx for advanced text extraction, and ARFF, an ASCII format used in data mining
  • XML for XQuery/XPath support with Grouping of Subtree, Object for customizable access to Java Objects, EJB or JavaScript, and direct access to LDAP server

Auxiliary Data Sources

  • Create internal data source with Tabular for small data set such as a code table, Properties for a single record, Safe for holding and transmitting encrypted data
  • Reference, as a proxy to another data source providing a preset parameter values
  • FileSystem to extract file attributes in a folder to be processed as records
Visual Data Aggregation across Multiple Heterogeneous Data Sources

Composite Data Sources

  • Visual Modeling of Aggregation with no SQL knowledge required, supporting mixing of different data source types
  • Graphical layout of data model for easy diagnostics and maintenance.


  • Join different types of data sources with options for Inner, Outer, or Cross Join for selected columns
  • Resolve field name conflicts with Prefix


  • Intersection or Union for row merging


  • Caching & Staging control for optimizing data traffic and system resource utilization
Powerful Transformation with Derivative, Filtering, Cube, Cleansing, Sorting, & Scripting


  • Transform schema to new field name or derive new fields with built-in or custom functions, with Lookup operator for populating parameterized value


  • Include range, look up from another data source, or JavaScript for complex filtering


  • Built-in multi-dimensional Cube engine with multi-measure support and user definable functions


  • Split-Merge mechanism for parallel Subflow processing, including operators for Remove Duplicates and Invert Data


  • Multi-Level Sorting and Grouping for data preparation with Top/Bottom N Extraction
Store to Databases, CSV, Text, Excel, XML or Custom Java Data Store

Data Store

  • Load data to databases through JDBC/ODBC with options for creating new table, replacing or updating existing table by appending records, or record update
  • Export to Excel with multi-sheet option based on data grouping
  • Output to CSV with user-configurable separator and append option and advanced Text output with group header and body configuration for generating custom formats
  • Custom Java DataStore for custom output or interface with other applications
  • XML output with XSLT Transformation option


Data Drop

  • Generate to Multiple Output Targets, in parallel if combined with Subflow
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