Enterprise Reporting and Information Delivery for Web, Print and Mobile

  • High performance operational report generation for multiple target delivery
  • Rich graphical elements and intuitive report layout control
  • Multi-lingual reporting with advanced multi-directional rendering
  • Visual data logic design for extraction, aggregation, and transformation
Enterprise Reporting for Web, Print and Mobile Delivery
  • Web reporting with HTML, PDF with encryption, Excel, Word through RTF, SVG, image and Elixir Interactive format for offline dynamic reporting
  • Printed reports with multi-target print spooler and remote client printing and printer specific formats include Postscript, LPT, PCL, and TIFF for faxing
  • Mobile reporting by using a Mobile Wizard to produce small sized drilldown reports viewable in any XHTML browser on a mobile device

Wide Range of Report Output Options
Rich Graphical Elements and Intuitive Report Layout Control
  • Rich set of report elements supporting CSS style, barcode, SVG, charts, dynamic boxes, border control, color transparency, and external callback
  • Flexible underlying structure supporting multiple section, page, and column layout, subreport, cube table, dynamic watermark, and JavaScript for conditional rendering
  • Extract, aggregate and transform data from sources including any JDBC/ODBC compliant databases, text, Microsoft Excel, XML, LDAP and Object

Rich Graphical Elements

SubReporting for Master-Details

Cube Table with Highlighting

Multi-lingual Reporting with Advanced Multi-Directional Text Rendering
  • Right-To-Left Bi-directional Middle Eastern Text in HTML
  • Extended Unicode Support for HKSCS in PDF
  • Vertical Running Top-Bottom-Right-Left Oriental Text in Elixir Viewer
  • Localized Date Formatting in Native Digits in Microsoft Excel


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