Business Analytics on Cloud

Elixir Ambience combines Business Intelligence with Cloud Computing to provide scalable utility computing power for demanding Business Analytics applications. With its underlying multi-process architecture, it scales effortlessly across commodity hardware, with full control of the individual system processes. Designed for multi-tenant deployment, a single setup can support any number of customers where each customer group has its own virtual domain securely separated from the rest. To enable SaaS offering, fine-grain system usage metering control is provided to allow flexibility in charging model.

Multiple Cloud Platform Deployment

Built to be pluggable, the system can be deployed to a Public Cloud as well as a Private Cloud with the necessary components bundled. Packaged with a full suite of Business Intelligence components, Elixir Ambience presents a comprehensive & extensible Cloud-based Business Analytics Platform that is ready to power the next-generation Business Analytics applications.

Elixir's Business Analytics on Cloud

  • On-Demand Utility Model for providing Business Intelligence on Cloud.

  • Elastic Computing with Multi-Tenant Domain Control and Multi-Server Dynamic Scalability.

  • Pluggable Component Architecture to enable Private or Public Cloud Computing Implementation.

  • Leverage well-proven Open Source and Standard-Based Components for Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

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