Elixir Ambience
Business Analytics on Cloud

Elixir Ambience combines Business Intelligence with Cloud Computing to provide scalable utility computing power for demanding Business Analytics applications. With its underlying multi-process architecture, it scales effortlessly across commodity hardware, with full control of the individual system processes. Designed for multi-tenant deployment, a single setup can support any number of customers where each customer group has its own virtual domain securely separated from the rest. To enable SaaS offering, fine-grain system usage metering control is provided to allow flexibility in charging model...

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Elixir Ad Hoc
Self-Serviced Business Intelligence

With ever increasing needs from business users for more information, Elixir Ad Hoc is the Business Intelligence solution that provides end-users access to critical business information, without the need for IT intervention. Featuring an intuitive user interface, business reports and pivot tables can be instantly designed, viewed online, and generated into soft copy output, all within web browsers without any additional software installation...

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Corporate Profile

Business Intelligence that makes sense

Elixir Technology provides Integrated Business Intelligence with Elixir Repertoire™ - an award-winning product for Dashboard, Reporting, Data ETL and Scheduling. Supporting Web 2.0 with RESTful Web Services architectural approach on SOA, Elixir Repertoire empowers the new generation enterprise applications with Business Intelligence...

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Elixir Repertoire - Integrated Business Intelligence Suite

Integrated Business Intelligence for Dashboard, Report, ETL and Scheduling

As Business Intelligence encompasses a broad range of functionality from back end processing to front end presentation, Elixir Repertoire provides a fully integrated suite of Business Intelligence modules that work right out-of-box. Its modules, which can be enabled separately, cover key areas like Dashboard Design, Enterprise Reporting, Data ETL and Scheduling...

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Business Intelligence at REST

Out-of-Box Business Intelligence Web Services on REST-Based SOA

Built entirely on Service-Oriented Architecture with REST (Representational State Transfer) interface, Elixir brings Business Intelligence to the next level of open interoperability providing out-of-box Business Intelligence Web Services. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone Business Intelligence solution, or embedded Business Intelligence in an in-house applications, Elixir’s single interface, ease of integration, and end-to-end functionality makes it the Business Intelligence platform of choice...

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Business Intelligence Platform for MySQL

Providing Out-of-Box Integrated Business Intelligence

Elixir provides a full-featured, integrated Business Intelligence platform certified for MySQL. Instead of having to cobble together disparate pieces of BI components, open source or otherwise, Elixir Repertoire is the one single BI platform that can be installed, configured and deployed in minutes, with its full functionality readily available as REST-based Web Services...

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Elixir Repertoire Plugin for NetBeans

Business Intelligence for NetBeans - Free and Easy

The NetBeans Plugin provides a set of features for NetBeans users to incorporate Business Intelligence (BI) features such as Dashboard, Report, Data ETL and Scheduling within their applications. With REST API its underlying native interface, any application built in web enabled technologies such as Java, Ruby, AJAX, etc...

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