Ad Hoc Analysis Demo
Published on 09/07/09

Watch the demo of Elixir's Ad Hoc Analysis module featuring a zero-footprint AJAX web interface accessing Elixir's OLAP Server designed to work with any SQL-compliant databases.

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Ad Hoc Report Demo
Published on 09/07/09

View the demo to see Elixir's Ad Hoc Report module for self-serviced end user reporting, based on a zero-footprint AJAX web interface and a server-side pluggable architecture.

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Executive Intelligence Management Dashboard
Published on 29/12/08

Check out how top executives can have 360 degree view of the entire operations of an organization with this management dashboard sample, with drill-down into individual dashboards for each functional area.

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Revenue Analysis Dashboard
Published on 28/10/08

View this sample for analyzing revenue sources and trends based on geographical region, customer profile, and products, though designed for a casino operator but adaptable to suite any industry.

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Corporate Presentation on Company and Product Overview
Published on 25/04/08

This is a recorded presentation by Elixir's CEO giving an introduction to our company's background, accolades and customer profile, and a high level overview to our product, Elixir Repertoire.

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Creating A Dashboard in 3 Minutes
Published on 25/04/08

See for yourself how a 4-frame dashboard containing a data table, a report content, a cube, and a chart, with interlinking among them, can be done within 3 minutes flat - including deployment to the web!

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Product Demonstration - Part 1 on Dashboard Creation
Published on 25/04/08

Get deeper into Elixir Repertoire Business Intelligence features by viewing this 3-part short demo series on different aspects of producing a dashboard using the Corporate Performance Management sample.

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Product Demonstration - Part 2 on Scheduling Data Updates
Published on 25/04/08

Discover how data updates can be scheduled to deliver up-to-date information for the dashboard using the built-in calendar trigger supporting advanced CRON-based control.

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Product Demonstration - Part 3 on Professional Report Design
Published on 20/08/07

Dip your toe into creating a professional looking report and adorn it with graphs from among many options, which can then be used as a standalone report, or be added into a dashboard.

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