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This exercise is part of a series of self-help practices and tutorials to get users familiarised with the Repertoire Designer.

Please read the following before proceeding with the tutorial.

Getting Started
  1. Ensure Elixir Repertoire Professional Edition is installed.  Version 7 is recommended, and you can download it here.

  2. Download the Exercise for the Report Template Design with Subreport Tutorial (, 1.88MB).

  3. Create an "ER_Exercises" folder and a "Report-Designer" subfolder if you have not done so from previous exercises.

  4. Unzip the "Ex_SubReport" folder into "ER_Exercises/Report-Designer" so that the directory structure would be "ER_Exercises/Report-Designer/Ex_SubReport".

  5. Run the Repertoire software and follow the steps in the Tutorial Guide (ERD_UserGuide_SubReport, 1.54MB), which can also be found in the 'workspace' folder in the tutorial package.

- Elixir Repertoire Professional Edition (Version 7 is recommended)

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