Elixir Ambience

Business Analytics Tools and Platform

Elixir Ambience is designed to be fully integrated out-of-box covering all key functional requirements of a typical Business Intelligence / analytics project. As each project has different feature and load requirements, each of these modules can be enabled on demand basis to match the specific functionality and performance needs:

  • Enterprise Reporting and Information Delivery for Web, Print and Mobile
  • Information Dashboard for Data Navigation, Analysis, and Visualization
  • Ad Hoc BI for Self-Serviced Report and Pivot Design, Scheduling, and Email Delivery
  • Extraction-Transformation-Loading (ETL) and Data Aggregation, Cube and Cleansing
  • Built-in In-Memory Columnar Database
  • Task Scheduling and Event Activation with External Trigger
  •  Advanced Animated JavaScript Visualization for Desktop and Mobile


Ad Hoc Visualization For Data Discovery Supporting D3JS Customization And Integration

Ambience Ad Hoc Visualization provides drag-and-drop facility to transform raw data into meaningful and insightful visualization display, by importing free visualization components contributed by D3js community. Beyond simple 2 dimensional displays like bar, column, line, etc, one can easily use higher dimensional charts, or hierarchical ones, such as a Sankey diagram to interactively visualize data correlations or data progressions over different stages of business processes.

  • Self-Serviced Data Visualization Tool

  • Discover Insights with Visual Analytics

  • Lightweight, Stand-Alone, with Enterprise Integration

Visualization holds the key to unlock the value of deep-seated insights by making data easily understandable hence consumable. This requires a mix of tools, frameworks, and components, such as D3js for its advanced customizable visualization. Elixir Ad Hoc Visualizer is a single environment that is designed to leverage any JavaScript visualization components, supplement it with a pivot engine to transform raw data into the desired input data to the component. The resulting visualization view can then become part of a dashboard.

Open GIS Map Engine With Tile Server For Highly Customizable Geospatial Visualization

Ambience provides a fully customizable Geographical Information System (GIS) based engine to enable visualization, animation, cross filtering, and navigation of datasets layered on a GIS map. This can be used for optimizing land use by visualizing human traffic across a targeted area, or location-based query and search can be implemented to enable intuitive navigation of similar properties, etc.

  • GIS-Based Visual Analytics

  • Highly customizable visualization layers including using D3js components

  • Open standard map tiles and shape files, with option for storing the map tiles

Dashboard For Content Mash-Up, Navigation, Analysis And Visualization

Ambience Dashboard is a web-based, self-serviced dashboard system designed for integration with enterprise systems for navigating, viewing and interacting with data through dynamic and customizable visual components such as charts and tables. It provides a web-based designer for data to be presented using visual and interactive approach. Data can be presented using different views where summarized data can be drilled down for more detailed and in-depth analysis. Interactive dashboard features include:

  • Charts and Tables (E.g. Pie, Bar, Column, Area, Bubble, XY Plot)

  • Advanced Visualization Widgets (D3js or HighCharts)

  • Navigation Components (DateRange Sliders, Buttons, Card Navigation Tabs)

  • Layout Options supporting Web Responsive design

  • Powerful multiple criteria search components

  • Embed Static or Ad-Hoc Report Templates

Web Print And Mobile High Performance Reporting And Information Delivery

Ambience Report is designed for high performance, standard-based, enterprise-grade business report generation to address high complexity and huge volume of reporting requirements for on-line web based reporting, batch printing of reports, as well as embedded reporting module for your applications. It supports a wide range of reporting options, including a DocX generator for generating data-driven document outputs, much like a high performance “Mail Merge” capable of inserting report elements such as tables and summaries, as well as dynamic branching with IF-THEN-ELSE constructs. All report templates and report generating tasks are easily accessible via REST APIs. Below are some key highlights:

  • Web reporting with HTML, PDF with encryption, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, OpenOffice, XML, Image formats and Elixir Interactive format for offline dynamic reporting.

  • Built-in Target support to enable report printing with multi-target print spooler and remote client printing and printer specific formats include Postscript, LPT, PCL, and TIFF for faxing.

  • Document Generator using Microsoft DocX format as a template for generating native Microsoft Word output with report-like data manipulation and text block branching.

Extract, Transform, Load, Aggregate, Cube, Cleanse Data

Ambience Data ETL is a flexible yet powerful data manipulation tool for business and technical users to address enterprise level data processing needs with its visual modelling paradigm for ease of creating, diagnosing and editing the logic flow. It is designed to provide on-demand, self-serviced data manipulation for business users as well as for enterprise level data processing needs. Data ETL features include:

  • Composite Data Sources

  • Join

  • Concat

  • Derivative

  • Filtering

  • Cube

  • Cleansing

  • Sorting

  • Data Store

Task Scheduling And Event Activation With External Trigger

Ambience comes with a built-in integrated scheduler to support report generation and data processing by automating the background tasks based on time, data and business logic, including invoking external programs. Enterprise integration is supported via message queue to receive external event trigger to achieve real-time activation for operational monitoring and alerting needs.

Versatile and powerful job design for conditional task execution with simple drag-and-drop

  • Integrated access to data, report, repository, targets and external event trigger for full BI automation

  • Web-based scheduling with visual interface for CRON and time triggers including exception control for user-definable holiday

Self-Serviced Report And Pivot Design, Scheduling And Email Delivery

Ambience Ad Hoc Report is a web-based, end-user centric reporting application for designing and generation of tabular or pivot reports and charts without any need for writing code, designed for enterprise wide deployment with integrated access control.

It provides an online self-service environment for users to create their own reports based on available data fields from the Universe. Ad Hoc Report features include:

  • Drag and Drop environment

  • Report categorized by bands

Multiple Advanced Database Options From In-Memory Columnar To Time Series Databases

Ambience comes built-in with an in-memory columnar database called Stave. However, Elixir recognizes the needs for using different database solutions for different problem types. Eg, a high velocity data streaming situation will require solutions like Apache Spark or Apache Storm, along with support for Complex Event Handling. For high volume data handling, a modern Hadoop Cluster would make more sense, whether cloud-based ones in AWS, or a local on-premises setup. Elixir also provides another built-in database called Tempo, a Round Robin database designed for capturing high speed time-series sensor data, with automatic summary of the dataset at different pre-defined levels eg every 1 minute, 30 minute, or 1 hour. For linked data, Elixir would use a graph database to allow querying of linked relationships. Lastly, for systems with need for dynamic schema, MongoDB can be supported. In fact, MongoDB is currently positioned as the default database in our future roadmap.

  • Elixir Stave for In-Memory Columnar NoSQL Database

  • Elixir Tempo for Time-Series Round-Robin Database

  • Graph Database for Linked Relationship

  • MongoDB Database for Dynamic Schema

  • Support for Separate DB setup for Apache Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Cassandra, etc

Ambience System Requirements
Min requirement for Elixir Ambience is as follows:
• Operating System : Windows or Unix 64-bit, Java 8 and above
• Memory : Recommended 4GB and above
• Web Browsers : HTML5 supportPlease note that for optimal JVM performance, the latest bug fixed versions should be used. Please also make sure that Java version 8 onwards is installed.Developers may prefer to use the Java Development Kit (JDK) instead of the JRE as this provides the JConsole application monitoring tool.

Ambience Request Evaluation

Before you proceed, please kindly make sure that you have the system capability to run the Ambience Software before proceeding to download and install the software.

Please click on the appropriate link to download and evaluate our products for 30 days. Kindly review the License Agreement prior to installing the software.