All enterprises face the challenge of deriving insights from multiple systems, and SMEs are not spared. This solution uses Elixir Ambience as the underlying platform to integrate and correlate data of the entire company’s operations for end-to-end analytical view of various functional areas.

  • Integrate multiple sources of data across typically disparate systems such as your Finance, Inventory, Human Resource, and Fleet Management.
  • End-to-end analytical view of various functional areas, eg, salary and costs by age group, trip of costs, stock vs profit, inventory ratio, sales vs industry average, etc.
  • Ready business insights with visualization and interactive dashboards and dynamic reporting facility for self-serviced needs

Elixir Ambience uses statistics methodology for data computed for easier understanding to access and determine any types of faults to ensure smooth running of vehicular operations.

  • Advanced video sensing technology to determine the length and flow of the vehicle in real-time to compute information on crowd status and waiting time for commuters to make better travel decisions.
  • Information on the crowd status transmitted to operators to mobilize more vehicles to meet demand.
  • Assess and determine any types of faults and causes of faults.

Smart Home Internet-of-Things (IoT) Open Consortium (SHIOC) was formed to offer a combined solution targeting Smart Home enablement. Smart Home devices typically cannot communicate with one another and hence, SHIOC aims to drive interoperability between IoT applications.

  • Enable multiple smart devices to share the same login credential so users need not remember multiple IDs and passwords.
  • Centralized data platform to aggregate device data streams, allowing event correlation from multiple devices for advanced notification services.
  • Allows for home automation, utility management, elderly monitoring etc. to suit users’ needs.

Urban cities face urban challenges such as overpopulation, traffic congestion and overburden on public transport infrastructure. With a business intelligence platform built on Elixir Ambience, governments gain insights that allow for better urban planning, improving the quality of life for citizens.

  • Provide Geospatial Analytics for efficient city, urban and geographical planning.
  • Visualize human traffic flow on map to identify densely populated spots.
  • Understand where tourists work and play, where people go over the weekends, the number of hours people work in different locations etc.
Governments and organizations want to improve citizen or member engagement. Using an intranet system built on Elixir Ambience, data is collected to track citizens’ or members’ participation in various programmes, courses and activities such that a more effective engagement strategy can be deployed.
  • Aggregate multiple sources of data and citizen/member information.
  • Retrieve citizen/member information to generate welcome or follow-up emails to reach out to them.
  • Find out the demographics of attendees, gather feedback and analyse the effectiveness of programmes.

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) Platform for Data Mash-up, Visualization and Analytics. Elixir Technology participated in the Singapore Infocomm Development Authority’s DaaS Pilot seeking to enhance data discovery in the private sector.

  • Corporate and Financial Data from Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • Social Media Analytics on over 90% of sources for topical search results such as Social Media Buzz of Malls.
  • Taxi Queue Information providing taxi count and passenger count over 2-year period at 3 taxi stands in Jurong Lake District.